Information Assurance Standard No 6

Howard Staple, Managing Director of Computer Security Solutions, is currently one of only 22 consultants in the UK to attain the status of a qualified IAS 6 auditor.

HMG must handle, protect and share large amounts of personal data to maximise public service delivery. Departments and Agencies must comply with the data protection principles set out in the Data Protection Act to ensure a high level of confidence that personal data is handled correctly. There are specific requirements relating to handling personal data as defined in HMG IA Standard No.6 - Protecting Personal Data and Managing Information Risk. (

The Standard outlines the minimum measures that must be implemented by Departments and Agencies bound by the Security Policy Framework.

HMG IA Standard No 6 was written for all those who are involved in the risk management of information assets within Central Government, including Information Risk Owners at the board and working level, Business Managers, Security Managers, Accreditors, Information and Communications Technology Consultants, Project Managers and System or Service Providers. Although aimed at central government departments and agencies and their suppliers and service providers, the contents of the standard are also relevant to the wider public sector.

Computer Security Solutions are able to provide an IAS No 6 auditing team to assess compliance and provide advice regarding IAS6.

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